June 30, 2022

Golfing With BPS

A couple times each year, typically before and after the firm’s busy season, BPS’s golfers get together for an afternoon on the links. On June 14, a group of 12 competed at Cobblestone Park Golf Club in Blythewood. Instead of using handicaps to level the playing field, the group used a captain’s choice format, where all four players advance to the best shot each stroke. This allows a variety of players with differing skill sets to contribute at any given time to the overall success of the team.

For this match, there were three teams of four golfers each. First off was Brett Thomas, Laurence Rushe, Caleb Sawyer and Will Peyton. With multiple ringers, this was the team to beat. Led by Will, one of BPS’s summer interns, this group ended up 2 under par.

Team two consisted of Mike McGovern, Bryan Lelasher, Kevin Bauknight and Eddie Zimmer. These guys got off the tee box well enough each hole but had trouble putting up a good approach shot all day, leading to an overall round of 6 over. Awards for most gracious cigar aficionado and most backspin on a drive went to Mr. McGovern.

The third flight included Kyle McLeland, Sean Battle, Kristen Jerome and Stephen Lynch. Team three shot three under on the front nine, so they had a chance to take gold, but a twenty-degree temperature swing mitigated by a few cold beverages led to a different story on the back nine. They had a few great shots and at least one terrible — or maybe it was the other way around.

Overall, the day was a success, and everyone had a great time. Originally forecast to be 105 degrees outside, the group was surprised by a short-lived downpour that brought the temperature down to a cool 75 degrees for the 12:30 p.m. tee off. Congratulations to Team 1 on their victory.