June 30, 2022

Client Spotlight: GeoMat, LLC

We would like to introduce you to our client, GeoMat, LLC. GeoMat is located in Columbia and is a nanotechnology company that was founded in 2014 by Dr. Jamie Lead, PhD. GeoMat’s services include environmental remediation and environmental consulting. Its team consists of individuals from different backgrounds and experience ranging from chemical engineers to technical consultants and researchers. With less than 10 employees, GeoMat’s collaborative team works together efficiently to develop applications for this technology.

GeoMat’s focus is to create useful products to clean up the environment through scientific research from the SmartState Center for Environmental Nanoscience and Risk at the University of South Carolina. One application of this technology is oil recovery. This helps to dewater crude and refined oils, and also remediate oil-contaminated soils. Other applications include metal recovery and eliminating harmful algal blooms. This is important because algal blooms can make water toxic to humans and fish, causing illness and in some cases death. It is important to keep our environment safe and healthy, and with the help of GeoMat we can do that.

Benefits of the Company’s nanotechnology include being effective, affordable, environmentally friendly and versatile. This technology can remove more than 99% of the targeted contaminants in just minutes, while reducing the cost through the use of recyclable products. This “green” manufacturing allows the production of treatments to be biocompatible and of low toxicity. The product is deployable in many different forms, which allows for a variety of applications in many different environments.

GeoMat is located in the USC/Columbia Incubator at 1225 Laurel St., Suite 209 in Columbia.  For more information, check out the GeoMat website.