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January 14, 2022

Save Yourself 64 Hours a Year with Keyboard Shortcuts

By Kristen S. Jerome, CPA I’m a CPA in public practice, surrounded by other CPAs. I’m a bona fide nerd: Exhibit A) One of my earliest professional accomplishments was mastering the 10-key. I recall a happy hour in my early twenties bragging to my non-CPA friends about it. Why did they hang out with me? Exhibit…

January 14, 2022

Fraud Is Alive And Well In Small Businesses

And, unfortunately, COVID-19 ushered in new risks for business owners By Jessica Yohe, CPA, CFE, BPS audit team In addition to supply chain issues, market volatility, and general uncertainty, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way many companies are doing business. One major change has been the increased use and reliance on technology. While there…

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